Die Sunlight Group präsentiert auf der LogiMAT 2022 ein diversifiziertes und integriertes Portfolio an Energiespeicher- und IoT-Technologien (eng)

Athen, Griechenland, 18. Mai 2022

  • From 31 May to 2 June, Sunlight Group will be attending the LogiMAT Trade Show to showcase the company’s extensive portfolio of lithium-ion and lead-acid energy storage solutions

  • Featured products include the company’s newest semi-traction lithium-ion battery, Sunlight ElectroLiFe, smart Battery Monitoring System (BMS), Sunlight KnoWi, and complete range of chargers, Sunlight PowerBox

  • Sunlight Group CEO, Lampros Bisalas, will be in attendance to discuss the company’s €560m five-year business plan under implementation, aimed at strengthening the European clean energy sector

Sunlight Group Energy Storage Systems, the global technology company and producer of integrated and innovative energy storage solutions, announces its attendance of LogiMAT 2022, held from May 31 to June 2 in Stuttgart, Germany. At booth 10 A75, Sunlight Group will demonstrate its innovative, integrated and diversified energy storage and IoT solutions, including the newly launched semi-traction battery, Sunlight ElectroLiFe, smart Battery Monitoring System, , and portfolio of chargers, Sunlight PowerBox.

The Sunlight PowerBox range includes low- and high-frequency chargers for both lithium-ion and lead-acid products. The range has been enriched with the addition of PBM S.R.L to the Sunlight family. PBM is an established global leader in the production of battery chargers and industrial devices, and its acquisition brings the Sunlight Group another step closer to a sustainable, efficient, and complete batteries value chain – a critical aspect of the transition to an all-electric future.

Sunlight ElectroLiFe is Sunlight Group’s range of semi-traction lithium-ion batteries. Its innovative lightweight yet robust design is built to suit evolving customer needs and allows for tool-less, plug & play installation in golf carts and other recreational and light commercial or manufacturing vehicles, industrial or material handling equipment, as well as leisure marine applications.

Sunlight KnoWi is the market’s most advanced Battery Monitoring System (BMS) for motive power lead-acid batteries. It’s designed to help improve the management and performance of both batteries and the forklifts they power.

Both lithium-ion and lead-acid Sunlight products offer remote connectivity to the company’s smart cloud-based platform Sunlight GLocal. GLocal uses artificial intelligence (AI) to record, in real-time, key parameters about the operation of the battery. It also allows for remote monitoring and preventive maintenance, protecting the equipment, maximizing battery service life, and reducing costs.

At LogiMAT, an experienced team from Sunlight Group –led by CEO, Lampros Bisalas– will be presenting the company’s full range of lithium-ion and lead-acid solutions. These include the lithium-ion motive power battery, Sunlight Li.ON FORCE, semi-traction battery, Sunlight ElectroLiFe, and reserve power energy storage system, Sunlight Li.ON ESS.

The company will also discuss its plans to further strengthen the European energy storage market through a five-year €560m business plan, currently under implementation. The plan aims to expand the company’s production capacity in lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries and energy storage systems, as well as secure and grow its supply chain and sales network. To that effect, Sunlight invests millions in equipment, automated production and assembly lines, Research & Development, human resources, as well as Mergers & Acquisitions, across its facilities in Greece and abroad.

Commenting on the company’s participation at the exhibition, Sunlight Group CEO, Lampros Bisalas said: “Following our establishment in the US and Italy with manufacturing and sales facilities, we are excited to attend LogiMAT and establish ourselves further in a market in which we’ve been operating for over three decades. Thanks to our growing international team of experts, each of whom has strong expertise and knowledge of the energy storage market, and the robust steer of our BoD and Executive Committee, we’ve made significant additions to our product range that better serve our customers. And as we proceed with the implementation of our five-year €560m business plan, and our support to the global goal of transition to a more sustainable future, the next few years will see the continued expansion of Sunlight Group across key markets.”