Sunlight KnoWi

Advanced Battery Monitoring System for Sunlight motive power batteries.

Real-time monitoring

Monitor your motive power batteries & forklift status in real-time, from anywhere in the world, via WiFi & GSM connectivity.

Live alarms

Avoid unnoticed threats that could reduce battery performance & lifespan. Protect your battery and vehicles.

Li-ion transition via Data

Make data-driven decisions for your application, harness data & evaluate a switch to lithium batteries.

Sunlight KnoWi transforms big data into actionable intelligence and revolutionizes the way we power the world. It allows your operation to achieve and sustain high productivity while enabling your transition to a new lithium-powered era.


Sunlight KnoWi instantly improves the efficiency of your forklift fleet, offering smart and accurate performance data, presented in a comprehensive, user-friendly way.


Sunlight GLocal integration

Integration with Sunlight GLocal, which recommends upgrades to lithium-ion batteries based on battery and forklift profiles, by using Big Data, AI & Machine Learning algorithms.


Collect battery data in real-time, remotely, and accurately improve operational safety and productivity. Proactively address issues if performance dips below desired levels.

Maximum battery service life

Identify improvements to maintenance procedures, across multiple sites and track improvements. Make changes, while in operation, for optimal performance.

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