MD LOADmanagement

Never before has efficient use of energy been of such outstanding importance as it is today.

Endurance, productivity and maximum performance under all conditions

With our innovative energy management solution MD LOADmanagement, we provide an effective tool to optimally distribute the available power.

Intelligent energy management

Significant reduction of peak power demand.

Maximum usage out of you fleet

Highest availability of the vehicle fleet.

Significant cost savings

Enjoy the long-term benefit of less expensive power.

Control of power limit

Calendar/time function or input signal from system.

Our digital load management product MD LOAD offers you high added value for both lithium-ion battery systems and lead-acid batteries. One of the major advantages of lithium-ion technology is its fast and intermediate charging capability at any time. This means that a battery system can be fully charged within an hour. This fast charging requires correspondingly powerful chargers from the TriCOM ion series, which, despite having one of the highest efficiencies of up to 97%, require very high mains connection power, especially during simultaneous operation, e.g. during breaks. This leads to a high peak load and causes corresponding costs for the power price with your energy supplier. In addition to the increased costs, the existing infrastructure also reaches its performance limits.

MD LOADmanagement offers real added value for peak loads!

MD LOAD significantly reduces the grid connection power through intelligent charging management without restricting the availability of the vehicles. The battery first transmits the current state of charge to the charger. This information is transmitted to the MD LOAD control center. An intelligent algorithm controls the individual chargers and optimizes the power output. A variably adjustable power limit is maintained for all chargers. As a result, this leads to considerable cost savings on the energy supplier's power price and reduces the burden on the infrastructure.

MD LOADmanagement considerably reduces high peak demand through intelligent load management.

Based on a battery’s state of charge, the individual charger outputs are then controlled via an intelligent algorithm that optimizes the available power without going over the determined peak power demand limit.

The MD LOAD Control Center will work together with a building’s demand response or load management system to assure maximum power is available for charging the industrial batteries.

Latest features

Integration of charging stations for cars and trucks

Charging stations for cars and trucks can now also be mapped in MD LOADmanagement and thus integrated into the energy management system. After all, forklifts and other industrial trucks are no longer the only electric vehicles on company premises.

PV systems and stationary storage

Energy to be distributed can not only come from the electricity grid. PV systems and stationary storage systems can also help to cover a company's energy requirements.

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