With our range of digital tools, you can keep track of everything at all times: You can check maintenance orders, purchase orders, inventory lists and more conveniently on your PC or from your mobile device.

The digitalization of your energy system

As a shared web portal, our TriVIEW platform bundles a variety of useful features to view and manage current contracts in addition to your fleet. Applications such as Webcalculators, MD LOADmanagement, TriVENT or TriCARE can be managed and monitored via the portal.

Seamless connection

To all digital TRIATHLON products for a holistic view of your operations.

Monitor your fleet online

Streamline operations: Cut costs, manage orders efficiently.

Comprehensive information

Valuable insights into battery life, charging cycles and battery states.

Access to statistics tools

Unlock a suite of valuable statistics and management tools.

TriVENT provides a complete overview of the inventory.

If a maintenance contract has been concluded with the TRIATHLON Group, TriVENT provides an insight into the condition and historical test data of the inventory (batteries and chargers) and enables the resulting findings to be used for long-term investment planning.

TriCONNECT is the smart combination of MD LOADmanagement and the TRIATHLON IoT solutions.

You benefit from a transparent, real-time overview that can be accessed via the cloud, giving you access to your integrated batteries and chargers from anywhere. Analyze the status, usage profiles and energy usage of any number of battery systems, including chargers. Identify performance peaks and optimization potential.

TriPORT is the easy-to-use tool for ordering and requesting service.

With the web-based TriPORT ordering portal web-based ordering portal allows service and sales orders from TRIATHLON Group companies to be requested, monitored and controlled easily and conveniently with just a few clicks via an intuitive user interface.