icon Battery Guard 4.0

Battery controller with wireless communication.

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Intelligent current measurement

Communication via Bluetooth

High capacity data storage of charging cycles

The icon Battery Guard 4.0 records and collects all relevant data events between the lift truck, battery and charger. These recorded events are be retrieved into a computer through wireless communication via Bluetooth.

Controlling the charging and discharging activity as well as monitoring the battery temperatures and the electrolyte levels are important measures to ensure the maximum operating time of the vehicle fleet at all times. In the constantly growing leasing and rental business, recording the battery data and monitoring the battery condition is critical.

In order to measure the battery current, the icon Battery Guard 4.0 has a current measuring head, which can be opened and fitted to any flexible inter-cell connector or termination lead. The overall voltage measurement with automatic
voltage detection (range 18 - 150V DC) is performed on the pole terminals of the battery.

The sensors for battery temperature and electrolyte level control are wired to the icon Battery Guard 4.0. The temperature probe is inserted between the center cells of the traction battery and the installation of the electrolyte level sensor is achieved by inserting the temperature probe through a drilled hole on the top of the cell’s cover.


Robust housing

Shock and vibration tested to industry standard IP 65.

Intelligent reporting

Saved data can be uploaded to the Internet, individual report generation

Info Battery Guard Software

For individual programming of controller & data management

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