Engineer booking

Forklift battery issues? Don't sweat downtime. Book a certified engineer for fast, on-site repairs.

Book a Battery Engineer Now!

Don't let a faulty forklift battery slow down your entire operation. Triathlon Battery Solutions is your one-stop shop for expert battery service and repairs. Our nationwide network of certified engineers is on-call and ready to diagnose and resolve any battery issue, minimising your downtime and keeping your forklifts running smoothly.

Benefits of Booking a Triathlon Battery Engineer

  • Reduced Downtime: Minimise disruptions to your operations and get your forklifts back in action quickly.

  • Extended Battery Life: Proactive maintenance helps maximise the lifespan of your batteries and reduce overall replacement costs.

  • Peace of Mind: Our certified engineers ensure your batteries are serviced and repaired safely and correctly, giving you peace of mind.

Here's what sets Triathlon Battery Engineers apart

  • Fast & Efficient Service: Our engineers fix 95% of issues on the first visit, thanks to their expertise and fully-stocked vans.

  • Preventative Maintenance Expertise: Our customized plans with expert analysis catch problems early, preventing breakdowns & reducing repair costs.

  • Safety First: Certified engineers ensure all service & repairs meet the highest safety standards.