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A strengthened Sunlight Group will showcase its enriched portfolio at LogiMAT 2023, including the flagship Sunlight Li.ON FORCE “Lite” battery

Athens, Greece, 12 April 2023

The global leader in industrial mobility and its partners will present Sunlight Group’s extensive and integrated product portfolio, designed to meet growing sector demands

  • A dedicated Sunlight Group team, including representatives from key subsidiaries A. Müller GmbH group of companies, PBM S.R.L., and Sunlight Technosystems will attend LogiMAT 2023  

  • In Halle 10 and booth 10H60, the team will showcase Sunlight Group’s innovative lithium-ion and lead-acid energy storage solutions, covering the entire battery value chain

  • Innovative offerings include newest Sunlight Li.ON FORCE Lite battery for Class III industrial vehicles, additions to the Sunlight ElectroLiFe semi-traction range, and complete set of Sunlight PowerBox chargers, along with Sunlight IoT solutions

  • Sunlight’s subsidiary TRIATHLON Group will showcase its innovative products at booth G27 of Halle 10

Sunlight Group the global technology company specializing in integrated and innovative off-road mobility storage systems for the intralogistics sector and Energy Storage Systems for renewables, is excited to announce it will participate at the LogiMAT 2023 International Trade Show, to be held on 25-27 April in Stuttgart, Germany. At booth 10H60 in Halle 10 a strengthened Sunlight Group, following the significant acquisitions that have expanded and fortified its value and supply chain, will showcase the company’s innovative, integrated, and diversified products.

The Sunlight booth will feature a complete and enriched portfolio, highlighting the company’s dedication to covering the entire battery value chain – a critical aspect of energy transition to an all-electric future: from cells, modules and batteries produced in-house, to trays and components procured from Sunlight Technosystems and the versatile Sunlight PowerBox chargers manufactured at the state-of-the art facilities of PBM S.R.L., to the excellent sales and after-sales services guaranteed by the decades-long experience of A. Müller GmbH and its subsidiaries, as well as Sunlight’s co-exhibitors at LogiMAT 2023, ATEC Batterien GmbH and Maintaler Batterievetrieb GmbH. Sunlight’s subsidiary TRIATHLON Group will showcase its innovative products, including the intelligent MD LOADmanagement system, in booth G27 of Halle 10.

The flagship product to be featured at booth 10H60 is “Sunlight Li.ON FORCE Lite”, the newest addition to the company’s lithium-ion range for industrial motive power batteries. Sunlight Li.ON FORCE is a revolutionary “smart” battery range, developed to exceed customer expectations. The “Lite” edition offers compact and more cost-efficient options for the smaller battery compartments​ of Class III vehicles, such as pedestrian pallet trucks. Our industrial mobility lithium-ion batteries deliver premium safety, high efficiency, and long life, thanks to the advanced laser-welded modules produced at Sunlight facilities that have been equipped with highly automatic assembly lines.

Sunlight ElectroLiFe, Sunlight Group’s range of semi-traction lithium-ion batteries for leisure mobility, also has a new addition, designed especially for caravans and mobile homes – a sector in which A. Müller GmbH carries extensive experience. The innovative lightweight yet robust design of Sunlight ElectroLiFe is built to suit evolving customer needs and allows for tool-less, plug & play installation in golf carts and other recreational and light commercial or manufacturing vehicles, industrial or material handling equipment.

Commenting on the company’s participation at the exhibition, Sunlight Group CEO, Lampros Bisalas said: “It’s always a pleasure to attend LogiMAT and showcase our innovative and ever-expanding portfolio of products, even more so now that Sunlight Group has enhanced its footprint in the German market via the acquisition of A. Müller GmbH and Triathlon Group. We are a leader in motive power batteries for the intralogistics sector and Energy Storage Systems for renewables, and our specialized team of R&D experts continue enriching and improving our innovative offerings in both these key sectors to meet the needs and demands of the global market – such as the new Sunlight Li.ON FORCE “Lite” battery we’re showcasing. We heavily invest funds and resources to achieve the complete vertical integration of our lithium-ion production, as we have done with our lead-acid offerings.”