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Two important distinctions for Sunlight Group at the Health & Safety Awards 2021

The company was distinguished for its employees’ training program, using virtual reality, and for adopting new technologies for the modernization and upgrade of the industrial unit in Xanthi.

SUNLIGHT, a member of Olympia Group, was distinguished at the Health & Safety Awards 2021, highlighting that the adherence to safety procedures for its employees’ protection, and their ongoing and up-to-date training on these issues, is vital to the company.

SUNLIGHT’s commitment to modern training methods and raising its employees’ awareness was recognized with the Gold Award in the category “Use of Technology” while its concentration on the improvement and modernization of its facilities was awarded the Silver Award in the category “Infrastructure Upgrade & Modernization / Work Health and Safety Invention.”

More specifically, SUNLIGHT was awarded the Gold Award in the category “Use of Technology” for its modern employee training program, using Virtual Reality (VR) for Health & Safety issues. As a technology company, SUNLIGHT continuously invests in innovation and the evolution of its processes. Responding to the international developments of digital transformation, SUNLIGHT immediately adopted the innovative applications that technology now offers, making use of Virtual Reality (VR) in the training of its employees, radically changing its traditional educational process. Specifically, the company invested in creating a branded web based application for data collection and overall data monitoring. It is noted that Immersive Learning through Virtual Reality and modern equipment is the ideal solution so as for SUNLIGHT trainees / employees to gain a better understanding of the company’s processes and operations.

At the same time, the company was awarded the Silver Award in the category “Infrastructure Upgrade & Modernization / Work Health and Safety Invention” for its initiatives which continuously and consistently ensure the maintenance, improvement and modernization of its facilities, the proper operation of its equipment, the training and protection of its personnel from any incidents that may occur, while enhancing health and safety conditions at work.

Following SUNLIGHT’s distinctions at the Health & Safety Awards 2021, Dr. Dimitris Bollas, SUNLIGHT’s Senior Manager, Global R&D Lead Technologies and QHSE, stated that: “These distinctions highlight our ongoing effort to create a safe working environment, where more than 1,000 employees will feel confident working and producing. Occupational health and safety remain a priority for SUNLIGHT. Our initiatives for the modernization of our systems and continuous education of our people, having conducted more than 40 health & safety training sessions in 2020, demonstrate our vigilance and commitment to this goal. These awards confirm that at SUNLIGHT we constantly invest in the driving force of our growth; our people.”

Implementing an integrated health and safety management system at work, according to ISO 45001:2018 standards, the long-term commitment of SUNLIGHT’s management team is to take all actions to comply with the relevant provisions and requirements of the Greek and European legislation to prevent employees’ and environmental incidents, and to continuously improve the effectiveness of the Integrated Management System regarding quality, environment, and Occupational Health and Safety. At the same time, it seeks to utilize the knowledge that comes from an in-depth understanding of the data and information it gathers from its customers and partners and to strengthen its modern facilities in Greece and Italy with Industry 4.0 technologies.