Sunlight Li.ON ESS

Intelligent and sustainable energy storage solution that reduces carbon footprint.

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Sunlight Li.ON ESS - most advanced lithium-ion battery for the Energy Storage Systems

High safety standards & certifications

Protection, safety & reliability of energy supply.

24/7 operability and serviceability

Remote monitoring and less downtime.

Battery protection & energy efficiency

Innovative BMS with active balancing technology.

We innovate in lithium technology and the Sunlight Li.ON ESS range is our most advanced lithium-ion battery for the Energy Storage Systems (ESS) industry.

Sunlight Li.ON ESS

Incorporating years of success in design, innovation and production of lithium-ion batteries for advanced applications, the Li.ON ESS product range delivers premium safety, high efficiency and long life. Ideal across a wide range of industries, in particular storage of energy produced by RES (solar or wind power sources).

product Sunlight Li.ON ESS

Technical features

GLocal Cloud Application


Cabinet Options

16U - 47U


Prismatic LFP

Cycle Life

up to 6,000 Cycles

Modular Design


Operating Temperature

-20 to 55 °C (-4 to 131 °F)

State Of Charge Indication


Voltage Range




Full system capacity up to 200kWh.

Inverter compatibility

With major inverter manufacturers.

Advanced software

Innovative BMS for energy usage optimization.

Certified quality

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Relevant industries