Sunlight ElectroLiFe

Innovative lithium-ion battery designed for semi-traction applications.

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Sunlight ElectroLiFe - a high-quality plug & play lithium-ion battery with innovative capabilities.

Plug & play

Tool-less installation with press-to-release terminals.

User-friendly accessories

Remote State of Charge indicator.


Multiple parallel connections capability.

A high-quality plug & play lithium-ion battery with innovative capabilities.

Sunlight ElectroLiFe

Incorporating years of success in the design, innovation, and production of lithium-Ion batteries for advanced applications. Sunlight ElectroLiFe offers maximum safety, environmental protection, and scalability. Ideal for golf carts, and other leisure mobility applications.

product Sunlight ElectroLiFe

Technical features

BMS: Parallel Connections



Prismatic LFP

Cycle Life

up to 3,000 Cycles

Operating Temperature

-20 to 55 °C (-4 to 131 °F)

State Of Charge Indication



BCI Group: GC2

Voltage Range

25.6V, 38.4V & 51.2V


High return on investment

Maintenance-free and battery usage optimization, free after-sales support during the warranty

High performance

Innovative BMS (Battery Management System) providing energy savings & extended life cycle

Parallel connections kit

Ultimate protection during installation & operation

Certified quality

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