icon Battery Guard 4.0

Battery controller with wireless communication.

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Intelligent current measurement

Communication via Bluetooth

High capacity data storage of charging cycles

icon Battery Guard 4.0

Maximize Industrial Truck Uptime with Battery Guard 4.0

This Bluetooth monitor tracks key data (charging, temperature, etc.) to identify potential issues early and optimize fleet uptime.

Ideal for rentals: Record battery data for long-term leases. The Guard’s flexible design fits any cell connector (24-80V DC).

Comprehensive monitoring: Connects to temperature probes & electrolyte level sensors for complete battery health insights.

Technical features

Current measurement

Flexible head for easy installation

Bluetooth communication

Records & stores battery & charger data

High data storage

Stores over 4,000 cycles with timestamps

Programmable display

Shows customized info like voltage & charge state

Digital display options

Selectable data display via software

Robust housing

Shock & vibration resistant (IP 65)

Tool-free installation

Easy setup without special tools

Intelligent reporting

Uploads data for personalized reports

Software (optional)

Manages data & programs controller settings

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