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FUTUR charge curve

Patented | dynamic, particularly "soft" charging.

Automatic charging process

Plug & Play for all battery states of discharge.


Programming & analysis system – storage data.


TriCOM FUTUR introduces a revolutionary HF charging method. Unlike traditional chargers, it uses "soft switching" technology to minimize energy loss, reaching up to 97% efficiency. This innovation, combined with an improved charging curve, optimizes battery performance. An intelligent management system further reduces energy waste and extends battery life in multi-module setups.

Technical features

High Efficiency

Up to 97% efficiency with SR switching & Eco mode

User-Friendly Controls

Touch display, multilingual, real-time clock

Intelligent Management

Plug & play, service messages, Total E-Control 4.0

Data & Maintenance

Quick check, USB interface, service-friendly design

Optional Features

ConVision app, charger (12V/24V), temperature sensor, remote control

Safety & Compliance

Meets EN safety standards

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