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Sunlight Group joins the Upcell Alliance to transform the European lithium battery industry

Athens, Greece 18 April

Sunlight Group, a member of the Olympia Group, has joined the European industry initiative, Upcell Alliance, to contribute to the further development of the battery industry in Europe.


Sunlight, which specialises in innovative industrial electrification solutions for the intralogistics sector and Renewable Energy Storage Systems, recognises the need for expanded cooperation at European level to address the difficulties of the battery sector. In this context, the decision to participate in the Upcell Alliance initiative and join forces with European partners to address the industry's problems and achieve Europe's strategic goals is part of this effort.


It is worth mentioning that a study by the European Court of Auditors in 2023[1] highlighted issues in the battery sector, such as the inability to adapt to the needs of the times and the increasing dependence on imported batteries and electric vehicles. These difficulties jeopardise the EU's ability to meet the growing demand for batteries and achieve its zero emissions target. The need for immediate and effective solutions is urgent, as these factors could have a negative impact on Europe's industry and economy.


One of the main measures to address this situation is the formation of the Upcell Alliance. This initiative is shaping a strong and competitive ecosystem between lithium battery companies and industrial equipment manufacturers in Europe. In addition, it promotes the linking of the lithium battery industry with the academic community, with the aim of promoting innovation and enhancing education and training of human resources in this field. Through collaboration and innovation, the Upcell Alliance seeks solutions that will enhance Europe's ability to meet the growing demands in the battery sector and advance its goals for a sustainable transition to zero emissions.


Lambros Bisalas, CEO of Sunlight Group stated: "We participate in the Upcell Alliance and join forces with key European partners with a shared vision to make the battery industry a strong asset for Europe's growth. We are committed that Sunlight will actively contribute to the development of knowledge, innovation and lithium battery technology that will bring the European lithium battery industry to the top."

1 European Court of Auditors, 2023, Special report: “The EU’s industrial policy on batteries New strategic impetus needed”