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Sunlight Group Redefines the Renewable Energy Landscape with In-House Energy Storage Systems

Athens 20 May 2024

Sunlight Group a technology company specializing in innovative industrial electrification solutions for the intralogistics sector and energy storage systems from renewable energy sources, proudly hosted its first Technology Days event at Sunlight’s cutting-edge plant in Xanthi. Held from April 23rd to April 25th, the event provided attendees with an exclusive glimpse into Sunlight's industrial roadmap and pioneering initiatives within the energy storage sector.


At the event, industry key stakeholders from across the energy sector explored the transformative potential of Sunlight’s recent milestone: DC Block for grid scale applications featuring BMS, software, mechanical, and electrical components. The solution was presented by Sunlight’s technicians and was seamlessly connected to the plant’s network. Scheduled for large-scale production by year-end, this achievement was made possible by record-breaking development time, with vertical integration playing a pivotal role. Collaborating closely with Technosystems, the DC Block integrated crucial components such as the DC block container, ensuring efficiency and reliability.


Nikos Tsiouvaras,CTO of Sunlight Group commented: “At Sunlight, our R&D for Energy Storage Systems (ESS) focuses on developing solutions that address current demands while anticipating future challenges. We achieved a record time in developing an entirely in-house solution like the DC Block. Our commitment to vertical integration further streamlines our processes."


Energy storage is not only integral but also a prerequisite for the viability of renewables, facilitating their integration and boosting grid flexibility to meet the evolving energy landscape's demands. "Our Grid Scale DC Block solution is positioned to redefine the energy storage landscape, fostering a shift in both energy storage and utilization practices. Moreover, it promises to recalibrate the dynamics among stakeholders within the Energy Storage System (ESS) sector”, mentioned Gianpaolo Giuliani, Chief Commercial Officer Energy Storage Systems H/V.


Electricity storage systems hold strategic importance for Europe, and Sunlight is poised to revolutionize the renewable energy landscape through strategic investments, including the establishment of production facilities in Greece and expansion plans into the United States. These initiatives are tailored to meet the surging demand for Energy Storage Systems (ESS) solutions in key geographies, enhancing long-term project bankability and driving sustainable energy initiatives forward. Sunlight’s vision and legacy in the energy storage systems domain are underpinned by a set of distinctive attributes. These include a) the strategic placement of manufacturing plants near installation sites to ensure seamless production and swift response to customer demands, b) a commitment to sustainable manufacturing practices by selecting regions with lower carbon footprints to mitigate environmental impact, and c) leveraging over 30 years of expertise, with a decade-long leadership in Lithium-Ion solutions.