next Battery Guard

Achieving the proper rotation of all charged batteries in the charging station.

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Built-on signal LEDs

Fitted to different TriCOM housings.

Installation docking station

Charging plugs with the signal LED.

Battery fleet utilization

Optimization of change batteries.

next Battery Guard

The next Battery Guard consists of a programmed electronic signal system which records all batteries in chronological order of the charger switch-off time after the full charge. The electronic signal system of the next Battery Guard can manage up to 256 chargers and is installed in either the housing of the charger or in a separate housing.

A clearly visible LED signal installed near each charging place respectively signals the next available fully charged battery with the oldest switch-off time. If the signaled battery is used during the next change and is disconnected from the charger, the LED system then signals the next available fully charged and cooled battery.

Technical features

Optimized Battery Use

Maximizes battery life & efficiency

Discharge Rotation

Ensures even wear on all batteries

Next Battery Selection

Guides users to the next available battery

Extended Battery Life

Reduces battery replacements & costs

User-Friendly Interface

Easy & intuitive operation

Scalable System

Manages up to 256 charging stations

Multi-Pool Management

Monitors & controls multiple battery pools


Wireless networking & misuse alerts (available)

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