Our Group

TRIATHLON, a Sunlight Group company, brings unmatched performance and global expertise in industrial batteries.

TRIATHLON Group is a global provider of efficient energy solutions for challenging applications.

Top-Tier Quality and Reliability

We manufacture state-of-the-art lead-acid and lithium-ion battery systems under strict quality control in Germany. Each battery is built with your safety and performance in mind.

Expertise You Can Always Trust

Decades of experience in battery technology equip us to offer you the best solutions for electric industrial vehicles. Our team is dedicated to providing you with professional advice and service.

A Global Partner for Your Needs

With a strong network of partners, we offer reliable support in Germany, Europe, the US, and Australia. No matter your location, Triathlon is your trusted partner for all things industrial batteries.

Our Ecosystem

More than 1,250 employees at facilities on three continents are continuously striving to make energy available safely and economically exactly where it is needed – by offering groundbreaking battery and charging technology products and the highest commitment to customer service.

Covering almost the entire battery value chain for industrial mobility and stationary power supply, TRIATHLON is a powerful, reliable partner for its customers.

The group is headquartered in Fürth with central production plants in Glauchau and Freiberg. Internationally, TRIATHLON is represented by sales and production sites in the USA, Great Britain, Australia and France, among others.

A Strong Partner for Your Success

TRIATHLON is a Group with a strong commitment to continuous development and customer proximity. We are deeply rooted in our region and have a long-term perspective. Our business areas offer you a wide range of services and products.


Development and production of batteries and systems with a high level of customer orientation

Sales & Service

Sales and service units for the German market with a broad network of workshops, warehouses, offices and training rooms

Specific solutions

Supraregional sales and service offering geared to specific product and market segments


Sales and service units operating on international markets – production of specific product groups

75 Years of Experience in Battery Technology

Pooling strengths for global leadership

Sunlight Group fully acquired TRIATHLON in 2023, solidifying their long-term partnership. This merger unlocks numerous benefits:

  • Faster synergy realization: Combining expertise will accelerate previously planned improvements, benefiting customers, employees, and stakeholders.

  • Market leadership potential: The merged entity is better equipped to lead in both industrial mobility and renewable energy storage sectors.

  • Enhanced service and innovation: A single management team streamlines operations, leading to improved global service and faster advancements in lithium-ion technology.

The mission: Establishing a complete value chain for energy storage systems

Sunlight Group and TRIATHLON join forces to vertically integrate the energy storage value chain. This ambitious move creates a circular ecosystem, managing everything from raw materials and cell production to complete storage solutions.

This shift fosters sustainability through responsible sourcing, optimized cell production, and robust battery recycling.

Company Profile