Committed to innovating and delivering sustainable energy storage solutions.

We envision to produce energy solutions that will preserve

our planet from climate change; to create and promote an

inclusive and safe workplace for our employees; and to lead the change in an ethical manner.

Our company strategy and goals are closely linked with sustainable development and driven by technological innovation and commitment to drive the decarbonization of the market.

We utilize our extensive experience in the energy storage market to contribute to the transition towards an all-electric future, by developing specialized, innovative, and more environmentally friendly storage solutions that make sustainable energy more reliable and affordable.

We apply a holistic approach to sustainability, developing an action plan that contributes to several Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Our plan is informed by the results of Sunlight Group’s annual Sustainability Report, which covers the operation of the Group and its subsidiaries. The Report aims to enhance our performance in key focus areas across Environment, Society and Governance.

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