Sunlight MotionGel

Maintenance-free sealed-type GEL battery ideal for food, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries where hygiene standards are essential.

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Sunlight MotionGel -  Lead-acid battery

Operational flexibility

Minimum gas emissions and ventilation requirements.

Sustained performance

GEL electrolyte eliminates acid stratification.


Sealed type battery, no water topping up is required through the entire lifetime.

Sunlight MotionGel is a proven VRLA (Valve Regulated Lead-Acid) solution to minimize operating costs & maximize operational safety for industrial mobility.

Sunlight MotionGel

Sunlight MotionGel is the supreme solution for hygiene-sensitive product storage facilities with limited charging space or where maintenance is difficult. GEL electrolyte prevents acid stratification during daily charge-discharge operation prolonging the battery’s life time. Its VRLA GEL technology make this range the preferred solution for critical environments, where maintenance effort and gas emissions must be minimized.

product Sunlight MotionGel

Technical features

Positive Plates


Positive Active Mass

Red Lead made from 99.99% Pure Lead

Negative Active Mass

Inhouse Production of Lead Oxide


High Purity GEL Form


Polypropylene (PP)


Polypropelene (PP)


Highly Porous Leaf



Bottom Bar

Ultrasonic Welding

Pressure Relief Valve

Integral Flame Arrestor


Fully Plastic Coated Steel


Insulated Flexible Bolt-on


Plastic Headed Bolt

Battery Sockets

DIN & Flat Pole Options

Exit Cables

Insulated & Flexible

Operating Temperature

-20 to 45 °C

Cycle Life

up to 1200 Cycles (60% DoD at 30 °C)


Minimum gas emissions

No water topping up required

Fully recyclable product, circular economy enabler

Certified quality

  • IEC 60254 - 1

  • IEC 60254 - 2

  • DIN 43531

  • DIN 43535

  • DIN 43536

  • DIN 43537 

  • EN 62485 - 3

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