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Industrial batteries for maximum-power applications

The Company: Triathlon Battery Solutions Pty Ltd

Founded in 2020 in Australia, Triathlon Battery Solutions Pty Ltd., now in New South Wales, is part of the global TRIATHLON group. We serve international markets, offering high-quality battery systems and expert services for electric vehicles and equipment. Our products include advanced lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries, emphasizing quality and reliability.

International support

With TRIATHLON’s strong network of offices and sales partners in Australia, Germany, numerous other European countries and the USA, we guarantee competent consulting for our customers in every situation.

We accompany our customers holistically from planning to commissioning of the battery solution they require. We are pleased to assi

Global Compliance and Safety

Our Lithium-ion batteries meet UL 2580 and IEC 62619 standards, ensuring global safety.

German-Made High-Performance

With state-of-the-art automation, they offer consistent quality and efficient operations.

Customer Commitment & Satisfaction

We prioritize maximum performance and customer satisfaction, by upholding stringent quality standards.

A Sunlight Group company

We power innovative energy solutions. Sunlight Group gives energy for a brighter future for all. Sunlight Group is member of Olympia, an international investment Group with a diversified business ecosystem that spans eight countries, founded by Panos Germanos in 1980. Its focus is on creating a better future, for its companies as well as for the communities and environments it serves.

The group has a global reputation as a strong “family brand”. In recent years Olympia Group has transformed itself into a market-oriented group, whilst also closely upholding the values of entrepreneurship that have been passed down by Panos Germanos, and are embodied by all the Group’s companies.



Triathlon Battery Solutions Pty Ltd

Eastern Creek, Australia

Triathlon Battery Solutions Pty Ltd 74 Peter Brock Drive Eastern Creek NSW 2766 T: +61 1300 548 486