Energy Storage Systems

We are committed to addressing climate change and building a sustainable future with our innovative energy storage solutions.

Vertical Integration

Fully automated manufacturing processes in the EU and US. Competitiveness & highest quality standards.

Global Expertise

With 3 dedicated R&D and 2 strategic hubs, our international experts develop & sell unique solutions for ESS.


Our robust product portfolio is engineered to provide flexible, reliable energy solutions across a range of applications.

Innovative LFP Cells

Leading the creation of the first LFP cells Gigafactory in SE Europe, we control innovation in stationary storage.

Leading the Clean Energy Transition

Excellence & Innovation

With over 30 years of industry leadership and a heritage of European manufacturing quality, Sunlight Group continues to redefine standards and create enduring value. We take action to address climate change and build a sustainable future for generations to come. Our extensive expertise in battery technologies drives us to develop sustainable and cutting-edge solutions for energy storage systems. Our vision is supported by strategic investments and a steadfast commitment to our stakeholders.

Applications of our Solutions

Our product catalogue