Working sustainably to support the successful transition to an all-electric carbon-free future.

Our Ecosystem

To get there, we have developed an Ecosystem that provides our customers with the best possible and most sustainable solutions, true to our Vision and Mission.

Circular economy and sustainability lie at the heart of our business. We apply a 360° approach to our operations, fully acknowledging the economic opportunities our business model offers. We commit to supporting transition to a fully circular future of regenerative production processes.

We have streamlined and integrated our processes from conception to design, R&D, product management, manufacturing, and distribution for the most effective results.

We are operating state-of-the-art, highly automated plants – including our Recycling Plant, one of Europe’s most advanced lead-acid battery recycling units which supplies over 50% of the company’s production needs in lead.

And this is just the beginning. As relevant demand grows, we have identified and prioritized the need for sustainable recycling of lithium-ion batteries as well. To that effect, we are developing a respective and equally efficient recycling operation for lithium products.

We are constantly reviewing and optimizing our processes, allowing us to make timely adjustments and achieve the best possible outcomes for both people and the planet.

To this end, we leverage Industry 4.0 applications, combining Big Data and data-driven insights with cutting-edge technological tools like Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Customer Personalization.

This integration enhances our operational efficiency and excellence, underlining our commitment and goal at Sunlight to deliver superior service.