Service Contracts

Operational reliability for your vehicle fleet

Customized service contracts

Do you want to guarantee the use of your vehicle fleet? Then have your batteries and chargers checked and serviced regularly. Our service technicians will be happy to take care of any problems that arise. You are on the safe side with a service contract. We offer you various contract structures that are individually tailored to your needs.

We provide a wide range of services to keep your battery systems in top condition. Our battery and charger cleaning ensures efficient performance, while custom test cycles (quarterly or otherwise) are tailored to your specific needs. We conduct regular water checks and top-ups for lead-acid batteries, along with insulation resistance testing to verify safety and reliability. DGUV V3 charger testing ensures compliance with standards, and fault response time determination helps improve response times. Battery usage analysis provides insights to optimize performance, and lithium-ion battery software updates keep your systems current. Our battery handling training prepares your team to handle lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries safely.

Gain complete transparency with detailed inspection reports and 24/7 access to your battery data. Our TriVENT database lets you track your entire inventory, monitor battery health, and identify potential issues before they become problems.

Optional web access through TriVENT provides a real-time view of your battery inventory and simplifies contract management with our TriCARE platform.

For a customized service plan that meets your specific needs, contact us today.

For your optimal support

Our service models

  • Recurring annual inspection (revision).

  • Additional inventory overview on TriVENT.

  • Service contract can be customized according to your wishes (without term guarantee).

  • Optionally with predictive maintenance.

  • Additional inventory overview on TriVENT.

  • Full service contract incl. lifetime guarantee.

  • Optionally with predictive maintenance.

  • Additional inventory overview on TriVENT.

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