Excellent performance.

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Very high reliability

Even under harsh environmental conditions.

Low maintenance

Due to reduced antimony content and large electrolyte supply.

Up to 20 years of design life

At an ambient temperature of 20 °C (80 % residual capacity C10).


OPzS batteries are proven, long-lasting sealed lead batteries ideal for demanding applications. They handle high cyclic loads & work in high temperatures or unstable grids. Perfect for power supply systems, safety backups, telecoms, & renewable energy storage.

Low maintenance, long life, excellent performance. High-quality, efficient, cost-effective energy solution.

Technical features

High Reliability

Performs well in harsh environments

Low Maintenance

Reduced antimony & large electrolyte supply

Long Life

Up to 20 years (80% capacity remaining)

Sustainable Design

Low gassing, low CO2 footprint, fully recyclable

European Quality

Made in ISO-certified facilities

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