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Sealed batteries VLRA

The electrolyte is fixed in a gel.

Excellent storage properties

Combined with high reliability.

Larger energy supply

Deep discharge safety.


OPzV batteries are sealed batteries in which the electrolyte is gel-like. The high-performance tubular plate technology ensures a long service life and high cycle stability. They are ideal for applications such as hazard detection technology, safety lighting, telecommunications and railroad technology. The batteries in the OPzV series are cost-saving and particularly economical thanks to their performance. They are maintenance-free and therefore do not require topping up with water.

Technical features

Sealed batteries VLRA (Valve Regulated Lead Acid)

The electrolyte is fixed in a gel

High cycle stability and long service life.


Excellent energy storage properties

Combined with high reliability

Deep discharge safe

Larger long-term energy supply

Simple installation

Also possible horizontally


Over the entire service life

Extremely low gassing

Through internal gas recombination

Up to +12 years service life

At 20 °C, according to EUROBAT classification

Very low self-discharge rate

Can be stored for up to 2 years under normal conditions at +20 °C

Fully recyclable

Low CO2 balance

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