We power innovative energy solutions. Sunlight Group gives energy for a brighter future for all.

Internationally recognized expertise and solutions implemented around the globe.


battery cells

produced in 2022


complete batteries

produced in 2022


tons of lead

produced in 2022


% approx of own needs in lead materials

covered by the Komotini Plant


% increase

in adjusted EBITDA in 2022


% increase

in turnover in 2022


million Euro

investments between 2018-2022


million Euro

5-year business plan (2021-2026) ongoing



operating in Europe, the US and Australia

Industry-leading expertise

Our people are experts, working with passion and commitment. Quality is at the heart of everything we do. We believe quality is about carefully selecting only the best: investing in state-of-the art infrastructure, designing and implementing the most lean and flexible processes.

Excellent customer service

We want to know everything about your business, the broader environment you operate in, and exactly what you want to achieve. For over 30 years we have formed close partnerships with our customers, gaining intimate knowledge of a broad range of industries.

Innovative mindset

We are driven by our commitment to continuous improvement. Endlessly curious about the potential of the industries we serve, we combine the benefits of our hands-on experience with the world of opportunities that the very latest technology provides.

Member of the Olympia Group

Sunlight Group is member of Olympia, an international investment Group with a diversified business ecosystem that spans eight countries, founded by Panos Germanos in 1980. Its focus is on creating a better future, for its companies as well as for the communities and environments it serves.

The group has a global reputation as a strong “family brand”. In recent years Olympia Group has transformed itself into a market-oriented group, whilst also closely upholding the values of entrepreneurship that have been passed down by Panos Germanos, and are embodied by all the Group’s companies.

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