Building on years of industry-leading research in lithium technology, we are investing in the development and production of lithium-ion batteries and energy storage systems.

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3 lithium-ion ranges

Sunlight Li.ON FORCE | Sunlight Li.ON ESS Sunlight ElectroLiFe.

200 scientists

At our five R&D centers focusing on the development of lithium technologies.

€130 million investment

In a pilot production line for prototype lithium cells in Sunlight's industrial complex.

Our expertise in Lithium-ion technologies

Lithium technologies enable the development of more efficient power storage systems that offer high energy density and performance, as well as longer life cycles. Which means faster charging, smaller storage units with increased longevity, and lower operating costs.

At Sunlight Group we invest heavily in lithium innovation and technology at our two established R&D centers. There, we design and develop new, "greener" innovative solutions that meet the transforming market needs. And we accelerate energy transition to a carbon-free, all-electric future aiming to serve our customers and communities, and raise the standard of living for all.

We apply a 360° approach to this process: from conception to R&D, to design and product management, to manufacturing and distribution.

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