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“RISE to the Challenge” by Sunlight Group: The first paid training and employment program in new generation lithium technologies

The Program is for young, graduate engineers of all specialties, looking for work experience and with the aim to enhance their skills and identify opportunities for professional development in a dynamic industry

SUNLIGHT, one of the leading companies in the global production of energy storage systems and a member of the Olympia Group, is currently designing innovative industrial solutions that combine 30 years of know-how along with major technological developments. The company, which invests over time in research and development, is an attractive employer with over 1,200 employees in Greece and abroad. Recognizing that knowledge is power, SUNLIGHT presents a new initiative, the new graduate paid training and employment program “RISE to the Challenge”, through which it seeks to support young engineers in the first steps of their careers.

The “RISE to the Challenge” graduate program is aimed at those who have a recent degree or postgraduate degree in Electrical, Chemical or Mechanical Engineering. Those interested should be fluent in English and Greek. The program will start in October 2021 and will last 18 months. Applicants, both from Greece and abroad, must have submitted their application online here by September 17, 2021.

In order to professionally advance in a pioneering and innovative environment that actively promotes continuous development, the candidates interested in participating in the program will have the opportunity to put into practice their technical and creative skills, participating in demanding projects, across the various facilities and geographical areas where the company operates, thus gaining valuable experience. During their training experience in SUNLIGHT, participants will learn about key areas of the business operation where the company is focused, such as the area of R&D for lithium technologies. Today, the company is proceeding with the creation of a state-of-the-art R&D center in Athens, which operates in addition to the corresponding center already and successfully in place in its main industrial unit, in Xanthi, Greece. At the same time, it implements an investment of € 105.26 million for the development of a new lithium prototype production unit, the increase of the battery assembly capacity, as well as the development of lithium technologies at the level of element.

On the occasion of commencement of the enrolment, the Director of Human Resources, Mr. Vassilis Gavroglou, said: “At SUNLIGHT, we remain committed to achieving our vision for a complete transformation into a company of innovation and technology of global scope. Through the first program of paid training and employment in the new generation lithium technologies, we offer the opportunity to young engineers to take the first steps of their professional career in one of the most innovative industries that attracts global interest. As a leading company in battery production and energy storage, we wish to be a source of inspiration for young people. As we have strong confidence in their abilities, we provide them with the opportunity to stay in Greece and build an attractive career in our country. In recent months alone, we have attracted more than 100 new associates, with 25% of the cases involving Greeks who worked abroad in international research centers and large industries”

SUNLIGHT continues to undertake initiatives that create prospects towards the development and professional rehabilitation of young people, while at the same time contributing to the company’s mission to create innovative solutions that improve people’s lives and lead to the further development of the industry.


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