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Sunlight Group: Standing by the students and teachers of Neo Olvio

Xanthi, 30 November 2022

Donation of technology equipment and complete renovation of the local High School building

Sunlight Group Energy Storage Systems (Sunlight Group), true to its commitment to address the needs of the local communities in which the company operates, implemented a new initiative to promote quality education, supporting the students and teachers of Neo Olvio. On Wednesday, 30 November, Sunlight Group delivered technology equipment to the local High School, during a dedicated event. In addition, the company’s CEO, Lampros Bisalas, announced its commitment to undertake the complete renovation of the school building.

The donated equipment includes desktop computers, projectors, web cameras and printers, aiming to support access to the educational benefits of technology and cover the educational needs of the students attending the Neo Olvio High School.

Renovation works in the premises will start in the imminent future, as the relevant needs have been recorded and the project study drafted. The project is expected to be delivered at the beginning of the next academic year and involves the renovation of the school buildings – both internally and externally. The purpose is to significantly upgrade facilities for the 100 students and teachers, by creating a contemporary and friendly educational environment. At the same time, the works will also upgrade the building energy-wise, contributing to sustainability and energy saving. Lastly, given the significance of sports in children’s lives and wellbeing, Sunlight will also construct a 5-a-side football pitch that will be accessible to students both within, but also after school hours!  

The event was attended by the Mayor of Topeiros, municipality to which Neo Olvio belongs, Mr. Thomas Michoglou, the CEO of Sunlight Group, Mr. Lampros Bisalas, the Head of the Xanthi Secondary Education Directorate, Ms. Malama Sidiropoulou, and the High School Principal, Mr. Anastasios Pavlou. Also present were company representatives, teachers, and parents/guardians of the attending students. Commenting on the initiative, Mayor Michoglou, stated: “I’d like to warmly thank Sunlight Group, as they have yet again demonstrated their tangible support to the Neo Olvio community. It’s very important that companies like Sunlight, with decades of presence in our area, have become part of our society. And it’s even more important that they are attuned to the needs of the local community and support it – as Sunlight has done with the donation delivered today, and its commitment to improve the quality of education for our children.”  

On the part of the company, the CEO of Sunlight Group, Lampros Bisalas, noted: “Sunlight is a dynamic and constantly evolving organization. At the center of this organization are our 1,850+ employees from the local communities in which we operate. Neo Olvio accommodates the largest production facility of our company and today’s donation is yet another expression of our support to the local community, albeit not the last. Besides the donation, we’re also undertaking a significant investment to fully renovate the Neo Olvio High School which is a significant part of life for the 100 attending students. The sensitivity of our organization towards children and the new generation is well-known. Providing them with a modern space, with significant technology tools, sports facilities, and improved energy performance for the building will contribute to energy savings for the State and upgrade the children’s learning and sports capabilities. I’m proud that Sunlight Group’s success and the work of our people allows us to invest in the future of local children and contribute to the area’s progress. And Sunlight will continue its targeted initiatives to support the local community’s next generation.”

Closing the event, Mr. Bisalas invited the High School students to visit the Sunlight facilities in Neo Olvio and get to know the company and its activities. He also expressed the wish they evolve into tomorrow’s talented personnel for Sunlight Group and/or the energy storage systems sector, and contribute to the development of innovative energy solutions to address climate change.

This significant initiative by Sunlight Group confirms yet again its support to the local community of Neo Olvio, which holds a special place in the company’s ecosystem, as it has been accommodating Sunlight’s main production unit for the past 30 years. And the company will continue contributing with meaningful support to the areas it operates in, focusing on education and training initiatives –with a particular emphasis on technology and innovation– as well as activities that improve quality of life, and support local Health, Emergency and Rescue Services.