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Sunlight Group further expands with the acquisition of 51% of A. Müller GmbH

Athens, Greece, 11 July 2022

Sunlight Group Energy Storage Systems, technology company specializing in integrated and innovative industrial and off-road energy storage solutions, continues its robust expansion plan via the acquisition of 51% of the share capital of A. Müller GmbH Industriebatterien-Stromversorgungssysteme (A. Müller GmbH). The agreement strengthens Sunlight Group’s sales and services network to better serve the European markets, especially regarding the range of Sunlight lithium-ion products.


A. Müller GmbH has over 30 years of experience in the wholesale trade of batteries, power supply systems, charging technology and accessories. Along with locations in Germany, where the parent company is located (A. Müller/I.B.S., LiVePro, Empa Innotec, Aura-Sun-Tec, Maintaler Batterievertrieb, ATEC Batterien), A. Müller GmbH operates sales and distribution offices in the Netherlands (DeHoeve/Accucentrale/Komeet), Denmark (Gacell), Luxemburg (IPS), and the UK (DC Batteries), collectively employing over 130 staff. A. Müller’s services also include battery repair and maintenance by qualified specialists, as well as professional and environmentally friendly disposal of batteries.


Following the clearance of the transaction by the German Federal Cartel Office, the acquisition of  51% of the share capital in A. Müller GmbH by Sunlight Group was completed in virtue of the relevant agreement signed on 17 May 2022 by the CEO of Sunlight Group, Lampros Bisalas and Erik Müller, owner and Managing Director of Müller Anlagen GmbH & Co. KG (Müller Anlagen).  Pursuant to the agreement, Sunlight Group acquires 51% of A. Müller GmbH, while Müller Anlagen retains 49% of the company and Mr. Müller retains the position of the Managing Director.


Commenting on the agreement, Mr. Bisalas stated: "We’re excited to finalize yet another important partnership and milestone in Sunlight Group’s investment plan and our continued efforts to further develop the battery sector and maximize our global reach. Following our establishment in the US and Italy with manufacturing and sales facilities, we are delighted to also formalize our physical presence in Germany and neighboring countries, where the market for batteries, and especially lithium ones, is growing fast. We are investing in the expertise of A. Müller GmbH, a valued and trusted partner for many years with an established sales, distribution and service network, and deep knowledge of the market. This partnership will further grow Sunlight Group’s capabilities and actively promote our diversified product portfolio – and particularly our lithium products for the industrial mobility, leisure mobility, and ESS sectors. Congratulations to the teams that prepared the ground for us to sign this important agreement”.


On his part, Mr. Müller noted: "This agreement marks a new era for our organization, as one of our key suppliers, Sunlight Group, has now become our major shareholder. This strategic partnership deepens an already established and long-standing collaboration. It’s an acknowledgement of our great team, as well a testament to our competence, dedication, and expertise in batteries for the intralogistics, industrial, ESS and automotive markets. We share common goals with Sunlight Group, including our joined commitment to growth, with a focus on lithium technology. And we shall now enjoy Sunlight Group’s additional support in our efforts to grow our market shares in the countries we operate either directly or via subsidiaries. I would like to thank everyone involved in finalizing this agreement and I’m looking forward to future endeavors".


Following the acquisition of PBM in late April 2022 and the acquisition of Technoform in January 2022, Sunlight Group continues implementing its robust €560m business plan. The five-year plan (2021-2026) aims to expand the company’s production capacity in lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries and energy storage systems, as well as secure and grow its supply chain and sales network. To that effect, Sunlight Group invests millions in its facilities in Greece and abroad – in equipment, automated production and assembly lines, Research & Development, human resources, as well as Mergers & Acquisitions.