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Sunlight Group launches KnoWi, the market’s most advanced, cloud-based Battery Monitoring System

Athens, Greece, 17 January 2022

Innovative technology, real-time monitoring, data analysis, increased protection, improved battery life, and reduced maintenance costs for batteries and forklifts

  • KnoWi offers stand-alone Wi-Fi and GSM connectivity to enable constant remote monitoring, without the need for additional equipment

  • Live alarms support forklift management and clean data collection helps improve performance through detailed online dashboards

  • Advanced AI and Machine Learning tools enable long-term business support and operation, recommending upgrades to lithium batteries based on battery and forklift profiles

Sunlight Group Energy Storage Systems, the global technology company and producer of integrated and innovative industrial and off-road energy storage solutions, announces the launch of its new lead-acid Battery Monitoring System (BMS), KnoWi.

KnoWi is the market’s most advanced BMS for motive power lead-acid batteries. It’s designed to help improve the management and performance of both batteries and the forklifts they power. In an industry first, Sunlight’s BMS device offers Wi-Fi and GSM connectivity to ensure constant monitoring and recording of real-time performance data that maximizes efficiency. And do so without extra equipment, like hubs or gateways.

KnoWi helps users prolong the lifespan of Sunlight batteries, while also using clean data collection to improve forklift management and promote efficient power use for large-scale fleets. The BMS is supported by an easy-to-use digital dashboard, displaying data that is automatically captured and uploaded in Sunlight’s Cloud platform, GLocal. The platform records, in real-time, key parameters regarding the operation of the battery. And thus, it facilitates optimal downtime and maintenance, reducing cost.

In addition, KnoWi’s advanced technological features also use AI and Machine Learning tools to make recommendations for even more innovative power storage solutions, based on battery and forklift profiles that record data on usage and power consumption. The collected information is aggregated and processed by a special calculator that suggests the most suitable Sunlight lithium battery replacement for any type of use.

Commenting on the launch, Sunlight Group’s Marketing Director Ioanna Gavrielatou stated: “We are excited to offer the market a smart product that renders batteries even smarter. KnoWi will empower our customers to make informed choices about their power solutions, both today and in the future. Our commitment to improving product efficiency and quality is at the heart of our lithium-focused R&D activity, which enables us to deliver industry firsts – such as the KnoWi onboard monitoring system and the GLocal Cloud platform. Such products and applications reflect our transformation into a fully technology-agnostic company.”