Sunlight VRLA Series

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High performance

Excellent discharge characteristics.


No water topping up requirements through the entire lifetime.

Safety valve

Internal pressure release in case of overcharge

Sunlight VRLA with flat plates batteries feature AGM and GEL models for stand-by and cyclic applications.

Sunlight SPA

Valve Regulated AGM Batteries for Stand-by Applications. The SPA range has been developed as general-purpose batteries, designed to provide reliable performance in a wide field of applications. Available in 6V/8V/12V blocks, with capacities from 0.7 up to 28 Ah (C20).

Technical features




Sulfuric acid

Container & Cover

ABS UL94 HB / Flame retardant UL94-V0 available as option

Self-discharge rate

Approx. 3% per month (at 25oC)

Classified as

'Long Life', according to Eurobat Guide 2015


Wide range of capacities, dimensions & terminals

Fully recyclable product, circular economy enabler

Minimum gas emissions

Certified quality

IEC 60896-21
IEC 60896-22
IEC 62485-2

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