TriCOM select RACK

Revolutionize your battery charging.

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Space-Saving Power

Ultra-compact design maximises your charging area.

Modular Flexibility

Customisable configurations fit any charging need.

Extended Battery Life

Gentle charging optimises battery performance.

TriCOM select RACK

TriCOM Select RACK takes battery charging to the next level. This modular system boasts an extremely high power density, saving precious space. Flexible configurations and a special ventilation concept ensure efficient operation. With up to 96% efficiency, remote monitoring, and a smoothed charging current, TriCOM Select RACK extends battery life and reduces costs. Its robust housing makes it perfect for production areas. Discover a smarter way to charge!

Technical features

Remote Monitoring

Optimize charging remotely.

Sinusoidal Current

Smooth operation, grid friendly.

Robust Housing

Reliable operation, harsh environments.

Flexible Positioning

Install anywhere, production areas too.

Up to 96% Efficiency

Saves energy, lowers utility costs.


Maximize Space, Minimize Footprint

TriCOM Select RACK delivers industry-leading power density, fitting more charging power in less space.

Charge Smarter, Batteries Last Longer

TriCOM's gentle charging extends battery life, reducing replacement costs and downtime.

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