Sunlight XtremeForce

An ideal choice for operations under extreme conditions. XtremeForce offers a longer operating time and fast charging for multi-shift applications.

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Sunlight XtremeForce battery - ideal choice for operations under extreme conditions.


One XtremeForce battery can replace two conventional lead-acid batteries.

High performance

By using a copper grid in the negative plates, we achieve reduced internal resistance.

Operation under extreme temperatures

Cold storage, outdoor applications and seasonal business with high activity peaks.

Sunlight XtremeForce

Sunlight XtremeForce product range, based on CSM (Copper Stretch Metal) technology, is able to operate under extreme conditions, offering high energy density for demanding and heavy-duty applications. It can offer longer operating time through its higher energy content as well as faster & opportunity charging through its reduced internal resistance, helping to increase productivity.

product Sunlight XtremeForce

Technical features

Positive Plates


Positive Active Mass

Red Lead made from 99.99% Pure Lead

Negative Grid

Copper Stretch Metal (CSM)

Negative Active Mass

Inhouse Production of Lead Oxide

Plate Alloy

Lead Antimony


Polypropylene (PP)


Polypropelene (PP)


Enveloped Highly Porous


Non Wooven

Bottom Bar

Ultrasonic Welding


Conical Pole (M10)


Fully Plastic Coated Steel


Insulated Flexible Bolt-on


Plastic Headed Bolt

Battery Sockets

DIN & Flat Pole Options

Exit Cables

Insulated & Flexible

Automatic Filling System


Airlift System


Operating Temperature

-20°C έως 45°C

Life Cycle

1500 cycles (80% DoD max, 30°C)


Fast / Opportunity charging

Multiple shift operations

High energy density (heavy duty applications)

Fully recyclable product, circular economy enabler

Certified quality

  • IEC 60254 - 1

  • IEC 60254 - 2

  • DIN 43531

  • DIN 43535

  • DIN 43536

  • DIN 43537 

  • EN 62485 - 3

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