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Inauguration of the fully renovated Neo Olvio Xanthi High School, entirely financed by Sunlight Group

Xanthi, 27 September 2023

On 26 September 2023, the fully renovated and energy updated High School in Neo Olvio, Xanthi, was inaugurated. This very significant project was implemented in the context of a relevant donation by Sunlight Group, a company that consistently serves its vision for a better future for all.


The school was officially handed over to the school management and the Municipality at the beginning of the new school year. This significant event took place in the presence of the Mayor of the Municipality of Topeiros, Mr. Thomas Michoglou, municipal councilors and members of the local administration, the CEO of Sunlight Group, Mr. Lampros Bisalas, the School Director, Mr. Panagiotis Toumbelis, representatives of the regional educational institutions, and, of course, students, teachers, and parents-guardians. Moreover, company executives who had graduated from the same school, were also present at the ceremony, witnessing its remarkable transformation both inside and out.


The works for the complete renovation and energy upgrade of the school infrastructure followed the company’s relevant commitment, as personally expressed by Mr. Bisalas himself during the delivery of technology equipment to the school, a donation initiative implemented the year before.     


In record time, spanning from the final bell of the previous school year to the commencement of the current one, the company's executives and the specialized suppliers efficiently executed the comprehensive overhaul of the entire school complex. During the event, Sunlight Group officially handed over to the approximately 100 students and teachers of the high school a fully renovated school unit that is one of the most advanced high schools in the country.


It is worth noting that in the context of the renovation, energy upgrading works were conducted to save energy and reduce the operating costs of the building for the benefit of taxpayers, while a 5X5 football pitch was constructed for the physical exercise and entertainment of students!


Speaking at the inauguration event, Thomas Michoglou, Mayor of Topeiros, noted: "I’d like to thank Sunlight Group for spearheading this great project for our area. Children are our future and educational facilities with modern infrastructure, such as the school we’re inaugurating today, help students blossom and thrive. I’d also like to congratulate Sunlight for the efficiency of its people who managed to complete this great project in less than ten months.”   


The area of Neo Olvio, which belongs to the jurisdiction of the Municipality of Topeiros, has been accommodating Sunlight Group facilities since 1991. In the 32+ years since, the original plant has evolved into an industrial complex that holds a special place in the company’s ecosystem and production process.


In that context, Sunlight Group gives back to the local community the support and hospitality it receives, while committing to continue supporting the areas in which the company operates in Greece and abroad, focusing on education and training initiatives, as well as activities that improve quality of life and support local Health, Emergency and Rescue Services.


Lampros Bisalas, CEO of Sunlight Group, commented at the High School inauguration: "This is an important day for Sunlight. With the initiative of our company, we are completely upgrading the school complex of Neo Olvio for the benefit of the students, their families, as well as the teachers and the entire local community. A school that mainly hosts students of the Muslim minority of Thrace.  I’m proud for many reasons today: First because the successes of Sunlight Group, itself a result of our people’s hard work, allow us to actively support the communities accommodating our facilities. I also take pride in the fact that the renovated High School will offer these students more opportunities to realize their dreams, in a school environment that is safe, upgraded, and sustainable.

Congratulations to the Sunlight team and competent local authorities who collaborated in the implementation of this project within the timeline we had committed to deliver, in order for the school to be ready for the beginning of the school year. Furthermore, we pledge to fund all the school's field trips and events as well as educational equipment for the coming years. It goes without saying that we will also remain committed to the ongoing maintenance and facility requirements of the school. We would say that in a way we are "adopting" the Neo Olvio High School. To conclude with, I want to extend my heartfelt appreciation to our dedicated employees across the globe for their relentless efforts in creating value, enabling us to make a positive difference in the lives of  more individuals, particularly children."