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Sunlight Group HQ and R&D Center


State-of-the-art office space at the “Terra Nord” complex of the Olympia Group of companies


People employed

Management, administrative and R&D employees

Sustainable workplace

Sunlight Group’s production and manufacturing facilities are the heart of our business, supported by our headquarters. Our state-of-the-art office space is part of the “Terra Nord” complex, home of the Olympia Group of companies at the suburb of Kifissia in northern Athens.

Sunlight Group’s HQ offices accommodate our corporate center, as well as one of the two R&D centers, with a diverse and highly proficient team of experts, engineers, and scientists.

The office space has been designed around the needs of employees, acknowledging the significance of our people as a valuable asset and key component of the company’s success.

The “Terra Nord” facility combines functionality, sustainability, and digital infrastructure, ensuring the best working experience for employees. The building has been designed to be environment-friendly and includes

  • recycling areas 

  • biological treatment of water

  • energy management system

  • charging stations for electric vehicles

Sunlight Group HQ and R&D Center


Sunlight Group HQ and R&D Center

Athens, Greece

22 Thivaidos Str. Kifissia, 145 64 T: +30 210 624 5400