TRIATHLON 24V TB-Block Series

Created for the highest demands TRIATHLON Lithium-Ion Block Batteries.

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On-board charger


Vehicle CAN interface

Status and warning messages.

Extensive storage capacity

For evaluations and analyses.


TB 10508 is the ideal battery to replace lead-gel batteries in industrial trucks, lifting work platforms, cleaning machines and other electric vehicles. The ion Battery Guard 1.0 charge indicator shows the SOC of the lithium-ion block battery via light-emitting diodes and is positioned on the vehicle or in the driver’s field of view. The battery is switched on via a button on the display.

Technical features


Lithium ferric phosphate (LFP)

Rated voltage

25.6 V

Rated capacity

105 Ah

Rated Energy

2.7 kWh

Voltage range

24 to 28.4 V


M10 terminal


Absolutely gassing & maintenance-free

Intermediate & fast charging capability

Intrinsically safe due to intelligent BMS

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