TriCOM FUTUR smart & FUTUR mini

Innovative high-frequency (HF) charging technology.

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Deep discharge

Very high efficiency

Low ripple

TriCOM FUTUR smart & FUTUR mini

Highly integrated circuit technology characterizes the chargers of the TriCOM FUTUR series for traction and block batteries. TriCOM FUTUR chargers do not work with conventional thyristors, but with clocked power semiconductors.

Energy consumption is reduced by up to 20 % compared to conventional chargers thanks to improved efficiency. The TriCOM FUTUR series is characterized by the FUTUR characteristic curve: a patented charging process for dynamic, particularly gentle charging - regardless of battery type, battery age and state of charge.

Technical features

Deep Discharge Recovery

Revives depleted batteries (0.5V/cell)

Reduced Battery Heat

Minimizes heat buildup during charging

Space-Saving Design

Compact & lightweight for mobile use

Fleet Management (Opt.)

Analyzes data for optimization (software)

Versatile Charging

Adapts to various battery types

Safe Operation

Meets safety standards for diverse environments

Optimized Power Usage

Reduces energy waste & ensures clean operation

Flexible Options

Customizable for future needs

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