TriCOM select

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Extended battery life

Efficiency of up to 96 %

Compact design

TriCOM select

New TriCOM Select chargers boast cutting-edge tech and sleek design. But their true power lies in eco-friendliness! They use 25% less energy than standard chargers, saving you money and reducing CO2 emissions.

Versatile & Smart: TriCOM Select charges both wet & maintenance-free batteries, automatically adjusting to voltage fluctuations. For wet batteries, it optimizes charging for reduced gassing and saves water, lowering service costs. Optional: Add an electrolyte circulation system for faster charging.

Technical features

Long Battery Life

Lowers charging temperature

High Efficiency

Reduces grid power & costs

Compact Design

Saves space


Lowers CO2 emissions (25%)

Reduced Maintenance

Optimizes charging & service needs

Wide Usage

Works anywhere (EMC compliant)

Versatile Charging

Charges multiple battery types

Future-Proof Technology

Adapts to new battery technologies

Options (Software):

Advanced features: temperature control, data transmission, fleet optimization

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