A. Müller GmbH

A. Müller GmbH





in Germany, Netherlands, Denmark, Luxemburg, the UK

The name A. Müller GmbH stands for efficiency, tested quality, and customer-friendly service in the field of batteries and power supply systems. The company was founded in Germany in 1984 and became A. Müller GmbH in 2000. In 2022 Sunlight Group acquired 51% of A. Müller GmbH, investing in a valued and trusted partner with an established sales, distribution and service network.  


Over 130 employees work for A. Müller GmbH out of 10+ locations in Germany (A. Müller/I.B.S., LiVePro, Empa Innotec, Aura-Sun-Tec, Maintaler Batterievertrieb, ATEC Batterien), the Netherlands (DeHoeve, Accucentrale, Komeet), Denmark (Gacell), Luxemburg (IPS), and the UK (DC Batteries), finding the optimal solutions for customers when it comes to batteries, power supply systems, charging technology or accessories. 


In addition, qualified specialists carry out repairs and maintenance works across state-of-the-art workshops, while the company’s service portfolio offers the professional and environmentally friendly disposal of batteries: A. Müller GmbH is certified per§ 52 KrWG to dispose of lead-acid and NiCd batteries.


Sunlight Group will support A. Müller’s efforts to further develop and grow its market shares in the countries it operates. Because at Sunlight we support the autonomous operation of the companies in which we have interests, while strengthening our position globally.

A. Müller GmbH


A. Müller GmbH

Nonnweiler, Germany

A. Müller GmbH Tholeyer Strasse 32 D-66620 T: +49 6875 9107 0